Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

Well its a new year. First let's take a look back at 2015 due to circumstances late in the year I didn't get as much done as I wanted to. First here's a look at the stats.

Games Played: 10

Ships Painted (Large/Small/Subs/Civilian)
Modern: (3/4/2/1)

Microarmor Painted (Infantry/Armor/Artillery/Soft)
WWII: 17/20/5/13
Modern: 32/1/4/6

Aircraft Painted (Bombers/Fighters/Support/Helicopters)
6mm WWII: (-/2/-/-)
6mm Modern (1/2/-/4)
1/1200 Modern (6/14/1/-)

Terrain Pieces made: 14 (and a bunch of trees)

I had hoped to get more miniatures painted and at least get a couple more games in. Oh well. Now here's some of the highlights.

In February I started playing Star Fleet battles again. 
In March we played another game of SFB at Gnome Con. I wish I had done more gaming at that convention. 
At the beginning of April we had our second Megablitz game, this time on the east front. 
I then went to the MCAS Beaufort Air Show and saw the new F-35 in flight.
In May we played Check Your Six at Morning Star Games. This was Vietnam air warfare and I did better than in my first game.
I finally got do a good amount of gaming at Rapier in Jacksonville FL. Pictured above is a pickup game of Starfire that we played Friday night. I also played Blue Sky and Strike Legion. 
In July I ran a game of Shipwreck, the outer air battle. This was early cold war and it didn't work out as well as it should. I might try this again with Harpoon. 
In September, me and Christian tried our first game of Harpoon. This was the Iranians vs. the Russians and it went very well. 
In August I started going to Brunswick the play Star Fleet Battles.

After a couple of games at Brunswick, my work scheduled went a out of wack and I wasn't to do as much.

What do I have planned for this year?
-Do more gaming at Gnome Con.
-Play some games of Fist Full of TOWs.
-Run another Megablitz game.
-See if I can find or make some good squad level rules for Modern warfare.
-Play some more shipwreck or Harpoon.
-Make more terrain.
-Play another game of HOTT.
-Play a game of Star Dust.
-Build more models

Well lets hope I can get at least some of that done. Once again HAPPY NEW YEAR!