Thursday, October 30, 2014

HOTT game

A couple of weeks ago me and Christian played a couple of games of HOTT. Unfortunately because of work and car problems, I've fallen behind and I'm only now getting around to posting the pictures from those games. So here are the pictures.

The first game was Christian's Romans vs. my Dinosaur army, Gor Gor and the Daring Beast of the lost world.

Christian's Roman army
4 blades
4 spears
2 riders
1 hero (General)

My dinosaur army had
3 riders
3 knights
2 beast
1 lurker
1 Cleric
1 Behemoth (General)

My forces lined up to face the Romans.

General Gor Gor gives his troops a motivational speech before the battle.

General Gor Gor attacks the Roman riders, while Christan's hero attacks my Cleric in what would be a protracted battle.

Meanwhile my Raptor lurkers ambush one of the Roman blade units.

The Roman hero and my Cleric continue to duke it out.

Meanwhile on the right flank. My carnivor riders engage more of Christin's blades and my horned knights engaged his spears.

The battle with the blades was indisive, while my knights and Christian's spears exchanged casualties.

Christian's hero fanally chases my Cleric off the board only to be confronted with Gor Gor himself.

My knights shift to engage Christians blades. Unfortunetly I lost too many stands and Christian won the game on.casulities.

The second game was between my dinosuars and Christian's Halloween army. This time I was the defender.

Christian's new army had the following:
1 magician (General)
2 shooters
2 blades
2 lurkers
2 riders
2 hordes
1 God

I was using the same troops as before.

The initial setup. My army set up on either side of our stronghold the plattoe.

Christian's ghost lurkers attacked my beast but they weren't afraid of ghost.

Gor Gor, who likes horse meat, eats some of Christian's cavalry, while his rat hordes move through the woods.

The Halloween army's god appear, and like many overpowered units disappears the next turn. Unfortunately, as is a bad habit of mine, I didn't get any pictures of the end of the game. Which is a shame as I had won the game by inflicting more casualties.
 Over all I enjoy the game and will probably play again once I have some more armies up. Anyway I've started on another Megablitz unit. I've actually finished painting it and I'll have the pictures in the next post. Here's a sneak peek.