Thursday, September 28, 2017

The roads to hell

A couple of months ago I brought this from Wargame Vault.

Roads 1/285

This week I decided to print some up. I was going to glue them to felt using rubber cement so they would be somewhat flexible. The felt will keep them from moving around on the table too much. I would then trim them with a X-Acto blade. I of course ran into problems the first being with the glue. The rubber cement was a bust, it just didn't work on felt. So I ended up using Elmer's spray adhesive. This worked very well giving an even coat. The next problem I had was with cutting them. The blades I had were trash at cutting felt, so I ended up using a regular pair of scissors to cut them into shape. Here's some pictures of the progress.

The final result. I now have 162 inches of roads not including the curves and intersections.

Unfortuneitly, the printer I used added these blue lines for some reason. They're not as noticeable at a distance and really only show up on the straights, but I may end up reprinting them. 
Anyway that's what I've on doing lately.

Monday, September 25, 2017

New Megablitz Unit

   I finished painting these a while ago and have just now gotten around to posting them. The new unit is the Russian 8th Guards Rifle Corps, my second Russian rifle corps. Hope to make a few more later on. Here are the pictures of the unit, once again sorry for the poor quality.
First up the 5th Guards Rifle Division, with a tractor drawn 122mm howitzer.

Next up we have the 26th and 83rd Guards Rifle Division, each with horse drawn 76mm guns,

Next we have the support units from left to right: 883rd Guards Sapper Battalion, Corp Supply, 6th Guards Tank Destroyer Regiment, and the Corps HQ. Not pictured is 148th Tank Regiment as that unit needs a little repainting.

Finally here's the entire rifle corps together. 
I just need some Russian Army level units and some late war aircraft and my late war Russian front scenario will be ready. I'm going to be working on more modern stuff also, as I have a new idea. Kind of a mini-campaign game involving both sea and land.