Sunday, December 20, 2015

Buyer Beware

   While I haven't been playing or painting lately, I still occasionally buy the odd war gaming item, every now and then. One of the latest things I have brought was this item.

   Now despite knowing that Battle Front is quickly becoming the GW of 15mm I was excited about this product. I thought 'Awesome they finally took all their painting guides and put them in one book'. Unfortunately, it wasn't until after I brought it that a realized a problem. Unlike the guides in their previous rule books that used Vallejo paints, the color call outs in this book are only for their new Color of War paints and those paints only.

Paint that can also be used as ammo in the zombie apocalypse.
    Not only do these paints have different numbers then the Vallejo paints, but also different names as well. It doesn't give any type of conversion chart between the two. While the book does have some good information on basing and painting techniques, it was made mainly to sell paint. So unless your planning to by a whole new set of paints, this book will not be as useful as it could be.

   Now that my rant is out of the way, I can tell what I've been doing the past few weeks. Most of the war gaming stuff I've been doing is on computer (Making up house rules, ship sheets, vehicles stats, etc.) I hope to be able to do some games in time for Gnome Con in March. To get ready I've started cleaning off my old work table so I can start painting again.

Ahh yeah, wish me Luck!