Friday, February 26, 2016

61st Mechanized Battalion

I'm finally starting to get back in the Groove. My first painted miniatures unit of the year, the South African 61st Mechanized Battalion for FFT. This unit was pretty large for a battalion and had lots of combined arms. Here's the unit all together.

All the miniatures, except for the tanks and the Infantry are by Scotia. 

Now for the individual units, first we have the infantry companies mounted in Ratel 20 IFVs.

The infantry is H&R Israeli Infantry, which what the mechanized troops looked like.
Next the unit had an Armored Car Squadron for recon work. This unit is equipped with EL-90s.

Then there is the Anti-tank company, usually this unit would have Ratel 90s but I've also painted some Ratel ZTs for later scenarios.

The 61st also usually had a heavy artillery battery attached to it. This is composed of two G5 155mm howitzers and tractors.

Sometimes this unit was replaced with a 120mm Mortar battery which I might add later.

The unit also usually had a tank company of Olifant tanks attached.

The Olfant tanks are C&C Centurions.
 For Air Defense the unit had two platoons of Ystervark 20mm SPAA guns attached.

Finally we have the base units. This includes the HQ, engineer platoon, Recovery platoon, and battalion mortars.

I may replace the radio van with a Ratel command in the future.

Anyway that's the new unit. Next I plan to finally finish my pirate army for HOTT. Then I'll probably do some more terrain for FTT.