Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The non-event of 2017

   I decided to post something just so you wouldn't think I'm dead or something. As you know, today was the day of the solar eclipse in the United States. For us here in Georgia it turned out to be the non-event of 2017. The overcast sky hide the sun and it didn't even get that dark. Apparently 3% of the sun is enough to light the world.
   Anyway, on to gaming news. I'm just about finished my naval warfare rules, and will have to start play-testing them. As far as painting is going, I've recently finished one Megablitz unit and hope to have pictures of it on-line soon. I've just got another modern unit together and will start painting it soon. There are also some more terrain projects I want to do. My biggest problem however is my lack of gaming time. My new schedule has me off on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. I might try to get something together of con season.

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  1. The last eclipse here was a non event too. I was driving at the time and didn't notice a thing!
    Glad to see you are active with Megablitz - it's more than I have been. Must organise a game.....