Wednesday, July 10, 2019

New buildings, Soviets, and Rebs

This week I managed to finish up some projects that have been sitting around. First painted up some commercial buildings for FFT/CWC. First up we have this gas station.

All these buildings were brought from Game Craft. 

Next up we have a Taco Hell.

Finally last for buildings we have a Seven Eleven store.

This one gave me all sorts of problems
 Here are the 3 buildings together. I looks like the Taco shop is getting a drive through costumer.

That would be a BRDM-2 from this Soviet Divisional Recon Battalion. This is one of my old units that I just rebased.

Here's a photo of the first heavy recon company, with the long range recon company behind it.

And this is the second heavy recon company with ELINT company behind it.

Finally we have this 10mm Confederate regiment for Fire and Fury Regimental. I just started working on units for this, so won't be doing a game anytime soon. still it's a start.

Well that's it for the new stuff. In the next few weeks I'll be working on some projects for Megablitz.