Friday, February 27, 2015

Starfleet Battles

Last Sunday I managed to get the time off to participate in the monthly SFB game. The scenario was the continuation of last months fighter game. It had the Orions trying to pick up their fighters as the Federation, Lyran, and Kzinti are closing in for revenge. I was playing the Federation which had a pretty powerful frigate. Mike was controlling a less powerful Kzinti frigate, and Bill was controling a Lyran frigate. On the other side Christian was controlling the Orion Salvage Cruiser and Alan was controlling an Orion Light Raider. Here are the pictures of the game.

My Federation frigate and Mike's Kzinti frigate at the start of the game.

The enemy Christian and Alan with their two ships close together. Bill's frigate can by seen in upper right corner. Unfortunately he had to use a substitute ship because of a broken stand.

The Lyran frigate and Orion Light Raider go at it. The orions got the better of this engagement.

Me and Mike Close on the Lyrans. I was following a swarm of drones Mike had launched. The Kzinti was not in a good position to support my attack as he wanted to take a few pot shots at the Lyrans.  

Bill frantically running away from a large group of drones.

The Kzinti and the light raider fighting it out, as the salvage cruiser tries to make a getaway.

In the end I was able to use some long range phaser shots to take out a third fighter thus giving our side a minor victory. Overall it was a fun game and I'm definitely planning to get back into SFB. On other news I started painting my pirate army a couple of weeks ago. It's been slow going, but they're starting to take shape.

One of the worst things to paint in this hobby is an irregular unit.