Monday, February 17, 2014

Gembloux Gap

Yesterday me and Christian played our first game of Megablitz. The scenario was the Gembloux Gap with the French verses the Germans. Here is a look at the map.

Even though this was NW Europe I went a little overboard with the road network and wasn't able to get them all on the table.
I commanded the French forces with the following:
             The Corps de Cavalry
                                  2nd Light Mechanized Division (2nd DLM)
                                  3rd Light Mechanized Division (3rd DLM)
                                  Remnants of the Belgian 2nd Infantry Division
                                  1 Fighter, 1 Light Bomber (Limited Fuel)
Christians had the Germans which had the following:
             The XVI Army Corps (Motorized)
                                  3rd Panzer Division
                                  4th Panzer Division
                                  2 Fighters, 2 Dive Bombers, 1 Level Bombers

The initial deployment. The 3rd DLM is in the north (top) around Hannut. Most of 2nd DLM is in the south behind an off shoot of the Muese River. The remnants of the Belgian 2nd Infantry Division can be seen deployed around Waremme just to the east. There engineer battalion deployed at Villere de Bouillet. At the crossroads in the NE corner is the bulk of 4th Panzer Division. 3rd Panzer Division and XVI Corps troops wouldn't arrive till later in the day.
In first game turn the 4th Panzer moved down the road and attacked the Belgians in Waremme. I sent out my numerous recon elements to get a picture of what the Germans were doing. Amazingly, though battered none of the Belgian units were lost in the first turn.

The 4th Panzer Division attacking Waremme. While the small town didn't cost LOG to attack it did give up to one battalion a defense factor of 1.
 On the second turn I started moving my tank regiments up to engage the 4th Panzer. Once again 4th Panzer attacked Waremme, with support from the 2 dive bomber groups. This time the Belgians weren't so luck, with all of the Belgian units around Waremme being destroyed. The Germans also started to deploy units to hunt down my recon units.

The armor regiments move up, while Ju-87 dive bombers attack the Belgians.
 On the third turn, the armor regiments clashed with 4th Panzer. They were supported by the French air force who were in turn attacked by the Luftwaffe. Fortunately I didn't lose many aircraft. Unfortunately I kept my armor units in mobile which made them less effective against the Germans.

The armor attacks the Germans with French air support.
 On the forth turn I pulled the armor back to place them within range of my artillery.
 On turn five my engineers finished making fortifications for some of my infantry units. Christian attack my armor regiments, destroying several of my tank battalions, while more of 3rd Panzer started to arrive.
French engineers hardening some of the infantry.

The end of turn 5. Some of 3rd Panzer's units can be seen arriving in the upper right.
 Turn 6 was the last turn of the first day. This saw the remainder of 3rd Panzer and the corps troops of XVI corps arriving in the NE corner. Christian launched another assault against my remaining armor battalions while also starting to attack my infantry line with dive bomber support. Despite using the last of my airplane fuel to give my units air support, the remainder of my tank battalions are destroyed. However my mechanics worked through the night and managed to bring one battalion back on line, some what.

The Germans attack across the front line.

The bulk of 3rd Panzer as well as the XVI corps troops arrive on the table.

During the night my corps maintenance company repairs enough tanks to bring one of my tank battalions back on line at reduced strength.
 Turn 1 of day 2 things stated to get gritty, as the Germans destroy several of my units north of Hannut. I sent the MG battalions that were attached to 2nd DLM north to launch a counter attack, but with little results. As a precaution, General Prioux pulled his headquarters back.
Things are starting to look bad.
 On turn 2 of day 2 the both the remainder 3rd DLM and 2nd DLM's infantry starts to pull back to the Dyle line allowing the Germans to overrun Hannut. The engineers blow the bridge across the off shoot rivers.
2nd DLM's engineers blow the bridge linking Hunnet with the south, as the Corps de Cavalry started to pull back to the Dyle line.
 Turn 3 of day 2 saw the french force trying to reform near the Dyle line as the Germans started to by pass them in the North.
French units trying to reform near the Dyle line.
 On turn 4 of day 2 I launched one last attack with the remaining infantry. While several of the German battalions were destroyed so were my remaining infantry units. At this time I decided to call it as I now only had one battalion of engineers available to hold Gembloux and the Germans were about to unleash the full fury of their Luftwaffe. My remaining combat units (an engineer battalion and two artillery regiments) would not be able to get there to help, thus this was a victory for the Germans.

The end of the game only battalion of engineers holds Gembloux as the Germans begin to breach the Dyle line. General Prioux can be seen hiding in the woods just to the north of the Germans.

Over all it was a fun game, some of the things I could have done better:
          Used attack orders during the first battle.
          Pulled back the infantry units of 2nd DLM sooner or maybe placing the one of the other battalions behind the Dyle line.

I also want to get some better terrain. Either some 3mm buildings or maybe some Monopoly houses. The cork tiles I was using appeared bumpy, but I think it was because of the felt cloth I was using to keep them in place. I hope to return to this someday, with an east front of desert scenario.


  1. Good game, James. Opposing viewpoint can be found at

    1. Thanks, look forward to our next game.

  2. It is interesting to read the two versions of this battle. You both seem to have got the basics of the system right and appreciate that the system has a lot of potential.

  3. A great report of what looks to have been a pleasant game. The toys look splendid and the terrain is fine but I agree that some BUAs would be a nice addition. Well done sir!
    For yet another view of this battle - albeit as part of a bigger Megablitz game - see

    1. Thanks, I gonnna post the scenario data on the group page. I had did have the BUA on the board. I was using wooden blocks like you guys sometime use for NBC. But it just doesn't have the right feel. Hopefully next game I can have some real buildings on the table.

  4. A very impressive first game.

    Kind regards,