Friday, February 7, 2014

America Faces Defeat

Well its been a month since I've last updated and what have I accomplished...


I've been adjusting to a new work schedule, so I haven't had time to do much building or painting. I have been reading some however and this is the latest book I've started.

I found this book years ago among all the free books in Iraq. I've just now started to read it.

How can I turn down a book endorsed by John Wayne!
A current affairs book written in 1972 before the end of the Cold War, the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan, or even the Yom Kippur War, its an interesting look at how fearful the Western powers were of the Soviet Union and why. It paints a very different picture of the Soviet military from what we know now or even what we knew in the 1980s, seeing it as a overpowering and superior force. Among some of the arguments was the fact that the Soviet Navy was made up almost entirely of new ships and subs while over half the US fleet dated back to WWII. Of course we now know that the ships were built in a rush and that the much vaunted Soviet submarine force rode on the edge of safety, suffering numerous accidents and heavy loss of life. It also talks of the threats of China and India with its 'new' ties to Russia, among other countries.

That's what I'm reading now. I hope to get some more modelling, painting, and gaming done later this week.

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