Thursday, March 30, 2017

Digging in

A little project I did today. I realized I needed some entrenchment markers for some future micro armor games. I usually use fortifications from C&C fortifications but I barely have enough for a battalion, and buying more could get expensive. I also had to replicate the extensive trench works around SWAPO base camps. I thought of getting the trench system made by Timecast, but I'm cheap so I decided to make my own.

A little sloppy with the glue. 

I made these with sand colored craft foam glued onto brown drawing paper. I made about four feet of trenches, including communication trenches and some with larger dugouts.

The long sections are 1"x 3". The small ones 1"x 2". 

While I was at I made enough individual markers for two full western infantry battalions or a Warsaw Pact motor rifle regiment.

Each are 1"x 1". The round ones can be  mortar pits.
I need to brake out my SLR, as the camera on my phone isn't cutting it anymore. I still have plenty of foam and brown paper left, so I plan to make some anti-tank ditches next. Maybe some larger vehicle emplacements too. I might also make some minefield markers. I've also started on another Megablitz unit, so I should have a post on that soon.

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