Tuesday, March 7, 2017

New SAM battalion

 Last month I went to Rapier in Jacksonville. I really wish they hadn't moved it to February. It put all the gaming cons in my area too close together. Because of this I could only go to one and had to miss out on Gnomecon this year. Anyway, I did get to have a nice game of Starfleet battles.

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 While I was there, I also brought a good amount of micro-armor which I've just started painting. First up is a Soviet/Warsaw Pact SA-6 battalion. The micro-armor I brought was second hand so it already came assembled and painted. While the launchers where in nice action poses, the paint job left a lot to be desired. The person who had them before just spray painted them green and call it a day. I decided to touch them up giving the missiles some details, adding some camouflage to the vehicles, and some light weathering. I apologize for the poor quality of the pictures.

The camouflage is based of a Czech SA-6. While most of the Soviet vehicles were plain green during the cold war, the original plan was to quickly paint them camouflage during war time.

I'll probably use the Straight Flush radar as a sort of command stand. 
 My battalion has a radar and 3 batteries. Most Warsaw Pact division had a SAM regiment with 5 batteries, enough to give one to each of the division's regiment. However, I seriously doubt I'll be putting a full division on the table anytime soon so I'm happy with just 3 batteries for now.

The SAM battalion all together. Just waiting for some capitalist aircraft to show up.
I hope to do some more painting and gaming in this year than I did in the last. Hopefully I'll have a new post out soon.


  1. Those launchers look great! Sorry you missed Gnomecon.

  2. Thanks. Between Siege, Rapier, and Gnomecon, there just wasn't enough time or money.