Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Latest Ships

I got my new ships painted over the weekend. Here's the pictures.

First up is the new additions to my American fleet. Both a Freedom and Independence class LCS. The Freedom class in done in a camouflage pattern that was recently used. On the left is a Hamilton class Coast Guard cutter. Of course having a USCG cutter, I had to repaint one of my Seahawks, making it a Jayhawk.

I painted the Perchim FFL I had bought into as a Koni FFL and used it as the base for my new Cuban fleet. The fleet includes (left to right) a Koni FFL, a Pauk PC, and 2 Osa II PTM. I hope to use these and the cutter for some Caribbean scenarios.

The next ship is a fine addition to my merchant fleet. The Xiamen container ship. I really like how this turned out. 

Last but not least, I also bought some of Shapways awesome missile markers. I'm definitely looking forward to using these.

Anyway that's the new sea gear. Me and Christian will be playing a Shipwreck game this Saturday, and I'll be using some of these very units.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

New Minitures

    I just received an order of new miniatures. This time I've decided to give Shapways a try, ordering several units I have been wanting. I ordered the miniatures in strong white flexible which is fairly cheap. While the ships did have a slightly grainy feel to them, the detail is still very good.

Here's how they arrived. They certainly came in a big enough box. (Usually I get minis in a padded envelope).

Like last time, I've decided to paint them all at once. Here they are being attached to their stands, along with a few rebases.
I hope to have these painted next weekend and to show the pictures next week. Saturday the 24th is supposed to be a ship based game day at Morning Star. I might try to get a game of a shipwreck together that week.