Friday, March 27, 2015

Gnome Con Part 2

Here's the much late part 2 of my Gnome Con coverage. I started Saturday morning watching Mike's Distopian War's game, featuring the martian invaders.

While this was going on people were setting up for the Flames of War tournament.

I don't play Warhammer (In fact I try to avoid it like the plague now), but these miniatures were just too awesome.

My old war buddy Gonzo setting up a Flames of War army.

As usual there was a lot of Star Wars going on

Later I decide to check in on the Distopian War to find out we were all martian food.

Finally I got into a game of Star Fleet Battles, with me, Christian, Mike all playing different Romulian factions. The was also federation and an Orion ship involved. The objective was to recover a stasis box from an asteroid field.

Here's my K-7 Cruiser approaching a group of asteroids.

I also deployed my shuttles to help look.

Meanwhile Christian was deploying his own shuttles to check the asteroids, in the background the Orion ship can be seen.

Mike's brightly colored King Eagle approaching another asteroid with the Federation cruiser near by.

Mike finds the prize and brags.

He was then appropriately hunted down and destroyed.

The federation try to pick up the box, but was going too fast. Not so for Christian.

Christian escapes off board with the prize. Because we weren't using energy allocation the Plasma torpedo's were useless. All I could was fire a few phasers at his rear.

They were going to play another game but, I had to get to work. On the way out I managed to catch the iron painter contest.

This contest included such challenges as walking in place while painting...

...and painting with your fingers.

That's all for now, I'm not going to be doing much this weekend, but I do plan to have a Megablitz game next Saturday. See you then.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Gnome Con (Part 1)

Last weekend we had Gnome Con here in Savannah again. I was able to time off from one of my jobs so I come every day. Friday I was looking forward to Christian's Star Dust ground game. This was I miniatures system that he had made himself and he was promoting it at the con. Unfortunately because of bad traffic I arrived too late to join the first game and because I still had to work at night so I couldn't play in the second game. Still I did managed to get some good picture of the Red Guard fighting the Dogs.

Early in the game the Red Guard's VTOL was shot down. Troops from this crash would be able to climb the hill and activate the defense turret.

The dogs tanks and infantry moving towards one of the objectives.

Meanwhile the Red Guard's hover tanks occupy the other objective.

When one the locals was asked he said, "I only believe in one God and lives in that lake back there."

The Dogs combat walkers attack the hover tanks.

The dogs gunship arrives. This unit would go on to dominate the game.

The Red Guard hover tanks are attacked by the Dogs AA

Things come to a head as the dogs occupy the second objective, after holding off several assaults the Dogs would win.

Christian and his kids promoting the game. To the right is the Red Guard commander Ziggy.

Unfortunately for Christian, the planners at Gnome Con stuffed most of the miniature games in a annex with no foot traffic. Thus there a less people to see the game than there should have been.

If you're interested in Star Dust you can find out more at Christians blog at

or write at