Thursday, June 20, 2013

New division and new find

This is just to update what I've been doing the past week. I've finished my German Infantry Division. Unfortunately only one of the pictures I took of it came out right, so the following only shows part of the division.
Elements of the 196th (Moose head) Infantry Division. At the bottom is one of the infantry regiments. The next row is the artillery regiment, Antitank Battalion and Engineer battalion. At the top is the Division supply troops, staff, commander, and a medical unit. The medical unit is a corps asset and thus has a different unit marking from the others. (Not pictured is the other two regiments and recon battalion)

Now for my find of the week. While looking through a newly discovered surplus store, I found this awesome map of North Korea. Only five bucks!

Will that's what I've been doing. As for what's next I've started working on some air units and plan to start another unit. I hoping to get some gaming done during the weekend.

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