Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It rained on my Parade Part 1

Yesterday was St. Patrick's day. St. Patrick's day is a BIG deal in Savannah and to my family. One of the biggest parts of the celebration is the St. Patrick's day Parade that I, as a member of the parade committee adjutant staff, helped set up. I've been doing this for about 15 years along side my father who's been doing this for over 30. He was brought on by my grandfather who was a member back in the 60's. Here are some of  the pictures from this year's parade.

We started the day before with the Jasper Green ceremony. This is a ceremony named after Colonial hero Sargent William Jasper and honors Irish American Veterans. It starts with a procession down Bull Street and ends with a wreath laying.

3rd Infantry Division Band practicing.

The Scottish American Military Society color guard.

The Flags of Ireland.

A regular visitor, the Irish Air Corps band steps off.
 Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the wreath laying and awards. The next morning me, dad, and the other adjutants met at a hotel to eat breakfast. It was raining, but that wasn't going to stop the 2nd largest St. Patrick's day parade in the US.

Me in my awesome adjutant's uniform.
 The part I work on is the floats some most of following pictures will be of them.

Shriner Hillbillies start to arrive.
Big Truck
Another Shriners car

Being a port city, Savannah a long nautical history as well as a history in pirates. This could be seen in the many ship/pirate themed floats.

Then their were the many animals, such as...

Living traffic cones.

Polar Bears

Green Goats

Another regular visitor is the Well's Fargo stage coach.
I'll post the rest of the pictures up in the next post.

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