Thursday, January 9, 2014

IJN Tama Part 2 and my find of the week

Things are going slowly on this new model. Not only is it more complex than the Mig, my house right now is an icebox. Still I've managed to make a little progress on it.

I finished  most of the larger fittings. From left to right we have the main bridge, funnels, rear deck, and spotter plane. Not pictured are the 6 gun turrets. 

Here the main hull is being assembled.

I also started working on the base as I plan to make this model into a diorama.

And now for my find of the week. I managed to find a copy of this book on line for only $10. Not bad considering the book cost hundreds when it first came out.

Still in very good shape.
These books were used by western intelligence agencies and full of useful information. I like this copy as it was printed just after the end of the cold war when information on the Warsaw Pact was becoming unclassified, but before the mass decommissioning.

Not only are major warships covered, but it also has information on support ships and even government owned civilian vessels.
Unfortunately having started another job has started to cut into my game time. I also currently have no coms as I'm behind on my phone bill. Still I hope to get back on track soon.