Thursday, July 30, 2015

Megablitz Red Steel 2: The 1st Guards Tank Corps

I decided to take a brake from the Modern stuff and paint another Megablitz unit. The next scenario I'm planning will be late war Eastern front, so I've started with a new Soviet tank corps. I've finally came up with a standard for the size of my Megablitz stands. My battalions size units will for the most part have a frontage of 1km or 3/4", while my brigade size stands will be sightly larger at 1". I usually use a soviet flag to identify my Russian unit; however, since these are guards, I decided to give them a nice banner instead.  First up we have the main combat units: the 15th, 16th, 17th Guards Tank Brigades, and the 1st Guards Mechanized Brigade.

Each of the tank brigades has a motorized infantry battalion. The 17th GTB has an extra T-70 stand, this is for 1942-43 scenarios. The 1st GMB is 3 Mechanized battalions thus has a larger base.
 Next up we have the Combat Support which includes: the 1269th SU regiment, 80th AA regiment, 455th Mortar Regiment, and the 13th Motorcycle Battalion, strangely having no motorcycles.
I may add some more units late such as a IS-2 Regiment and artillery regiment. 
 Now for the Combat Service Support which only has the Corps HQ and supply.
The highlight of these units are the awesome new fuel and radio trucks by GHQ. I lucked out and got these just before GHQ jacked their prices up again. 
 Finally we have the whole unit together. A match for any German division.

That's the new unit. From now on I'll probably be going back and forth between Modern and WWII miniatures.

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