Friday, March 4, 2016

We're the Pirates of the Whiskey Seas!

Getting ready for Gnome Con, I decided to turn my attention to my long neglected Pirate army for HOTT. I'm planning to used this army on Saturday. Here are pictures of the new unit.

Here's the army all together. All these guys are by Rebel Miniatures.

A close up of my blade/war-band units.

The army also has a good amount of shooters. Note not all these stands would be used in a game.

Next up the Hero/Generals. From left to Right we have the Disney Pirates, Bonnie Anne and her raging bitches, and the Crips.

Of course it isn't a pirate army without a cannon!

Finally we have the special units a trio of sea witches and a water lurking Mermaid.
That's the new army next week I should have some good pictures from Gnome Con. After that I not sure what I'm doing next ether some new terrain of a new Megablitz unit, we'll see.

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  1. Freakin' awesome! Looking forward to a few games of HOTT tomorrow at Gnomecon.