Monday, April 25, 2016

New Megablitz Unit

I finally managed to finish painting the new unit I was working on. Unfortunately I've seem to have lost my glue brush, and have yet to flock the bases. I'll need to get a new brush from the grocery store or the Dollar Tree. Otherwise the 34th Infantry division is pretty much done.

 The division has a few new units that make different from my other German infantry division the 169th. The first being this bicycle mounted fusiliers battalion. Also the staff is mounted in a car.

The bicycle stands are by H and R.
 For the Artillery regiment, I decided to give them a 150mm IG instead of the 105mm howitzer. The recon battalion also has a cavalry company and a bicycle company.

Finally the whole unit together.

That's the new unit, I think I'll work on some new terrain next. Either that or some more ships, I haven't painted those in a while. 

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