Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Wargame Unit: Angolan Motorized Battalion

Yesterday I finally finished my new 6mm modern unit. My SWAPO Front now has some regular FAPLA forces to back them up. Here's the units all together, a battalion plus brigade support.

Please excuse the gaggle as well as the shadows on some of the photos.

Below we have the bulk of the battalion, it's three infantry companies. All of them are mounted on old BTR-152 APCs.

Next we have the battalions considerable support units. This includes (left to right) the AA platoon with ZPU-2, AGS-17 platoon, 82mm Mortar platoon, AT platoon with jeep mounted recoilless rifle, and the HQ platoon with a BTR-152U.

Finally we have some brigade support in the form of a tank company with T-34/85s and Recon company with BRDM-2s

That is the new unit. I'm not sure what I'll be working on yet. I'm thinking of doing some ships for the gnome con project. I'll probably do more terrain as well. I'm waiting for the first of several orders I have to make to arrive as well.


  1. Nice stuff James. That t-34/85 looks like an elephant with the sagging gun barrel.

  2. I'll have to fix that later. Old lead minis and what not. I hate how I don't notice the mistakes until after I've posted on the web.