Sunday, January 7, 2018

First new painting of the year

Happy New Year, everyone! This last week was surprising as we actually got snowed on here in Savannah. For a while I was trapped on the island with my Dad as all the bridges were closed. Since then I've been staying there because my house is an icebox right now. (I cut the gas off years ago because I got tired of being screwed year round by the gas company.)

My Car while I was stuck on the island. 
This doesn't mean I haven't been working as I have finished my latest unit for the invasion project. Here we have a Danish territorial company, consisting of 3 infantry stands and 1 heavy weapons stand. The whole unit is mounted in a variety of civilian vehicles. I was inspired by Richards Danish Home Guard units at Cold War Hot Hot!.

One of the infantry platoons is marked AT. This represents the infantry equipped with Carl Gustavs, while the rest have M72 LAWs. 
The infantry is H&R WWII US infantry. The land rover is a Scotia model. The station wagon is an old In Service model and the Volkswagen van and truck are form Shapways. I had a slight accident with the land rover that required it to be glued back to stand just prior of taking the photograph. 
In addition to those I also painted up some more civilian vehicles to act as road side objectives for the Soviets. 

The cars are some more of the old In-Service models, while the vans are Shapeways. The hatchback's paint job was inspired by my grandparents old Pacer. 

Having a bunch of old style Volkswagen vans, of course I was going to paint one as the Hippie-Mobile.
Anyway that's the first new stuff for the new year. The ships I order came in sooner than I expected so I'll either work on them or some new terrain pieces. I still need to make one more order before I have everything I need for the game.



  1. Those vehicles are great! The flower-child van reminds me of the Studebaker in The Muppet Movie after it gets painted by Electric Mayhem.