Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Rapier 2020

I know I've been off for a while. My Laptop went tits up back in December, and it taken me a while to get a replacement. Not only did I lose the computer but all the data in it. House rules, planned scenarios, data list for various games, my collection of TOEs and OOBs. Its going to take while to replace all that. Anyway, on to funnier things. This weekend I managed to go to Rapier down in Jacksonville for at least part of Saturday. Like idiot I didn't get any pictures of the other games that were going on there and there were some pretty nice ones. I did manage to get pictures of the one game I was able to get in on.

It was a modern wargame using Lock and Loads World at War: 85 rules. I was controlling an infantry company and cavalry troop, as well as an AH-1 cobra. There was another player controlling another infantry company as well as several German units.  We were facing three reinforced battalions, two East German and one Soviet.

My Infantry defending a small town.
The very nice game table. All the woods and towns were removable to make for easy unit placement. 

Russian Hinds hiding behind a hill. They didn't do much early on but became a real pain the ass later. 
The Soviet T-80 Battalion. This unit took heavy casualties on its approach for an A-10 and a particularly deadly MLRS strike. 
The East German Tank Battalion entering the table
The East German Motorized Infantry Battalion, backed up by a company of T-55s. This the unit I was most engaged with.

My Cavalry Troop trying to get set up. Unfortunately the enemy was able to score first-blood taking out my TOW jeeps

The East German T-55s trying to force there way though a gap between two hills. My units however, were to inflect several casualties. 

Unfortunately my infantry quickly ran out of missile ammo so I started pulling them back to secondary positions.

My Cavalry troops pulling back to secondary positions   
I couldn't stay for the whole game, but I felt good when I pulled out. We had inflected casualties on all three of the Pact units. Only the East German T-72 battalion still had most of it's movers and we still had two fully intact units to face them. Finally I was able to get a little loot.

I pretty interesting model kit for $10, dirt cheap for a high end 1/35 scale kit. A board game that might make an interesting Megablitz scenario, and a Cruel Seas starter kit.

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