Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gnome Con 2

Last weekend was Gnome Con 2, the gaming convention we have here in Savannah. I wasn't able to go to the first one due to work and lack of money, so I was definitely going to this one. Any here are some of the pictures.

Day One:
On the first day I didn't play anything as I was trying to sell stuff at the flea market. While I didn't sell as much as I wanted to I did get rid of most of my Warhammer stuff, successfully getting out of that money pit.
There was lots of Warmachine being played.

The Dust Demo game.

The Gnome Wars game table.

A wild west game being set up.
 Day Two:
On day two I got to play some Shipwreck with Christan. By this time it was being there was a contest of endurance as I had been up since 1430 yesterday. Christan himself was still fighting over the effects of his sister's wedding the previous day. He played two games that day. The first game had the Soviets trying to resupply Syria during the 1980s. I played the Soviets while Christan played the capitalist pigs.

My Fleet for the first game, a Sovremenny DDG and Kravik II FF escorting 3 transports. In the distance you can see the Ka-27 from the Soverenny.

A Spruance DD and a Kidd DDG between me and where I need to be. He already launched two of his helicopters.

Soon I had detected all of his ships and aircraft

As our game was going on, people were playing Star Wars all around us.

War mongering Yankees fired first sending a total of 9 harpoon missiles at my transports. The air defenses on my ships was able to shot down several, however some still got through and the Kravik accidentally hit T-1.

Meanwhile I had retaliated firing every missile I had at the Americans. I sent 8 SS-N-22 missiles at the greatest threat on the table the Kidd DDG. They arrived just as the Kidd fire 3 more Harpoons at my ships. The Krivak also fired its 4 SS-N-14 missiles at the Spruance.

In the end three of my missiles hit the Kidd sending it straight to the bottom. All of the SS-N-14s were either shot down or missed. What can you expect from a missile that was designed to engage submarines. Only one of Christan's missiles hit resulting in heavy damage to T-2. Unfortunately gun hit from the Krivak also inflected heavy damage on T-1, both would have to towed to port. Spruance tried to fire 4 more harpoons at me, but they were shot down. With no more missiles, Christan surrendered as his Spruance was no match for the Sovremenny in close combat.

The second game was played between Christan and Ziggy. Christan played the Libyans with one ship and two submarines, while Ziggy played a mixed NATO fleet with two ships.
Ziggy detected one of the submarines right away. Once every one was detected, everyone fired their missiles.

The Libyan ship is destroyed while both Christan and Ziggy exchange torpedoes. The submarine is sunk, as is the Italian frigate. Ziggy then detected the second submarine.

Christan was able to call for air support. Unfortunately for him the two Mig-21s were driven off the the destroyer's ADA. Ziggy then sank the other sub ending the game.
 Overall it was a fun two days. Hopefully next year I'll setup my own game.


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