Thursday, May 2, 2013

4th Panzer Division

I decided to take a break from painting ship models and started rebasing my World War II microarmour for Megablitz again. Megablitz is a set rules used to fight very large battles. Each stand in the game represents a battalion or in some case a regiment/brigade. Each recon stand represents a recon company. The base unit in the game is the division with small game being between 2-4 divisions or 2 Corps. I've decided to start with the 4th Panzer Division.

The division is organized as it was in 1940, which makes this good for 1939-42. In Megablitz it brakes down as follows.

The early panzer division were over powered with 2 panzer regiments (Shown here represented by a PzIII, PzIV, and 2 PzII), the 4th Panzer division also didn't have a motorcycle battalion all though I might add one later. When I get enough units together I hope to find a few players to try the game out.

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