Sunday, July 21, 2013


Yesterday I got to try out Christian's Swatters game. The scenario had the alien bugs not invading Washington or New York, but a country in Africa. Probably hoping to get rich off those diamonds. Me and Christian played the brave peoples army defending our home, while Ziggy and Christian Jr played the alien bug horde. Here are some of the Photos of the action.

The initial setup. The bulk of the bug army was set up to take the left flank, a small group of flying bugs was on the far right. Our forces were set up in an even line with Christian on the left and me on the right. Christian had 3 squads on troops and a tank. I had the commander 3 squads of troops and 1 mortar. (Ziggy can be seen in the back ground enjoying a dinner of pizza and beer.)
The flying bugs tried to make a go for my mortar but my brave infantry and commando's hold them off. The mortars tried several times to hit the large bug army on the left but missed.

Although things went well early the game, the large number of bugs on the left overrun most of Christians forces.

A huge bug goes head to head with Christian's tank.

The tide turns yet again as my mortar crew finally gets their shit together with a blast that kills two groups of bugs and sends another group packing!

In the end the Africans stand victorious with most of the bugs dead.
The game was very enjoyable and I'll have to try it out again.

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