Saturday, August 10, 2013

42nd Rifle Corps

Did a lot of painting this week. One of the things I painted was a new unit for Megablitz, the 42nd Rifle Corps. Here are some pictures of the unit.

First up the three rifle divisions. Russian Rifle Division were actually like large regiments and the Russian Regiments were like rather large battalions. Therefore I used slightly larger infantry bases and more infantry to represent each of the regiments.

Next up the Red Hammer. The one thing the Russians did have a lot of was Artillery. Each division had a 2 battalion artillery regiment and the corps often had a 3 battalion corps artillery regiment attached. This adds up to 9 battalions or three brigades worth. I've represented this with 2 horse drawn 76mm field guns and a tractor drawn 122mm howitzer.

Finally were have the rest of the corps assets including the Corps HQ with jeep, the Corps supply, Engineer Regiment, and Tank Brigade/Regiment.

I hope to gather enough forces to do at least a Corps size scenario. I also painted some ships for an up coming Shipwreck game. I'll show the picture of those in the next post.