Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Bears

Finally I finished my 3rd Panzer division. It's taken me three weeks to finish this unit, mostly due to procrastination. My microarmor painting skills have been slowly coming back and this is one of my best units yet. I've now started adding more details like tactical symbols and air recognition flags. Here's some of the pictures of the new unit.

The two tank regiments. These are all GHQ miniatures except for the PzI which is Scotia. If you look closely at the Pz IV's turret you'll see my crude painting of the Berlin bear.
The Infantry consisting of two infantry regiments, one with halftracks, and the motorcycle battalion. The infantry is GHQ. The halftrack and motorcycles I believe are H&R. The trucks are GHQ and Scotia.

The recon battalion with 2 armored car companies and a motorcycle company. These are all GHQ miniatures.

The division assets including the AT battalion, Engineer battalion, and the artillery Regiment. Most of the equipment is GHQ. The Sd251/7 is Scotia.

The division HQ including the commander's PzBefWg I, signal battalion, and the supply battalion.

Finally the whole unit together. Note note all of these will be used at one time. For early 1939-40 games one of the infantry division would be removed. For games 1941 and after one of the panzer regiments wouldn't be used.

Anyway that's what I've been doing the past week. I'm also still working on a couple of Shipwreck scenarios. Till next time.