Friday, April 18, 2014

Gnomecon 3

Last weekend we had Gnomecon 3 here in Savannah. Unfortunately I didn't get to do much gaming, but I did get several pictures. Though its a bit late (I've been sick) here are the pictures.

Day 1: I was only able to stay for an hour or two before I had to go to work.

Michael was running this Distopian Wars game.

Martian Walkers advancing.

An Iron Arena Game, with some nice terrain.

Some very nice terrain from Impudent Mortal.

This year's door greeter with his lunch.
 Day 2: Was able to stay longer. Unfortunately Star Dust, the game I want to play, was cancelled. I did take some more pictures though.

Michael running another game of Distopian Wars. This time a naval scenarios.

Like last year, there were a large number of Warmachine players.

A large game of Star Trek.

A Memoir 44 Game

An Ogre game. Hard to believe someone actually spend the $200 for that box. Then again there's suckers everywhere.
 Day 3: I actually got to play Legion Strike this day. I ended up cancelling my Shipwreck game to try and sell stuff at the flea market.

The terrain set up for Strike Legion.  We ended up only using the right side of the table.

Michael had a large defense scenario set up, but all of the players hadn't played Strike Legion before. So he set up a quick demo game instead. Here are my forces, 2 Medium Grav tank battalions and 1 light grav tank battalion, fighting the enemy green troops.

All my tanks lined up for a mass attack. Unfortunately I would lose too many tanks to continue the game.

So that's what happen last weekend. Hopefully next year I'll be able to do more gaming. In the meantime I've got several Shipwreck games ready, I just need the time off.

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