Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ships of the Sea Museum

A few days ago I decided to go to the Ships of the Sea Museum here in Savannah. As one can guess this a museum on ships and features some very nice models. The last time I was at this museum was over twenty years ago when it was still on River Street. I didn't get any pictures back then, but I did now.

First room of the Museum

The steam liner Pulaski. Over 290 people were killed when the boiler of this ship exploded and broke the it into 3 pieces.

One of the Ironclad models.

Another Ironclad model. This one of the CSA Savannah.

On the bottom floor there is a display dedicated to ships in bottles.

More ships in bottles.

The Titanic

Another model I found interesting.

At the time I visited, the museum was hosting an art exhibit dedicated to the Savannah River. One the artist made artwork only from trash he had found along the river's bank. Here we have the lighter fish.

In installation made with more junk.

An early doctors surgical kit.

A whale died to give you this politically incorrect ship model.

A model of a WWII tanker.

Just down from the tanker was this model of a Liberty ship. Below it you can see a model of the nuclear powered merchant ship Savannah.

On of the highlights of the trip was this very large model of the cruiser USS Savannah. The Savannah had a little fame having survive a hit from a radio controled glide bomb during the Salerno landings.

Here's a picture of the ships aft.

In the last room I visited was this large and lite model of the Titanic sinking.
Overall a nice way to waste a couple of hours. Now for some gaming news. I've still got a number of scenarios ready for Shipwreck. I'm hoping to do one of them sometime in the next month. I'm also very close to finishing my HOTT army. After that I'm planning to make some more Megablitz units.

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