Friday, September 5, 2014

Trench Warfare

For the past month Morning Star Games have been hosting several World War I games, it being the 100th anniversary of the Great War. I had been hoping to get in on Chris's game of Victory at Sea but I had to work. Finally last Saturday, I managed to get in on all this Great War goodness by playing in Mike's Warhammer Great War game. I've had these rules for a while but hadn't had the time or money to paint the miniatures for a game. The scenario mike set was for a basic trench assault. There were 4 players, with me being one of the German players. Here are the old timey photos of the battle.

The enemy objective/

The battle field prior to any troop placement.

My forces setup. I had two platoons, both of which I placed well forward in the trench line.  I also had various support weapons including a HMG (seen in the entrenchment above), a light mortar, and a medium mortar.

Mike's set up of his forces. He had pretty much the same thing I had. He however only had one of his platoons in the trenches. The other was set up near the objective as a reserve. You can also see our one field gun.

The enemy set up. They had almost twice a many troops as we did as well as the feared tank.
A look at the enemy from the trench line.

The enemy  moves forward.

After sustaining heavy casualties, moves the tank forward. Due to an error we made reading the rules, we came under the wrong impression that the tank could only be hit with a side shot. This would nearly cost us the game.

Under heavy fire  from both the tank and an HMG team, I take several hits all but losing one of my entire platoons.

The enemy forces slowly move forward, but are still taking hits from the right.

The end of the game my troops start withdrawing from the trench. We may of lost the trench but we were able to hold the rear objective, thus giving our side the victory.

If we hadn't misread the rules, our field gun could have blown that tank to hell. Making living allot easier for us. I hope to play this system again soon. As for the immediate future, I've started gathering stuff for a new Megablitz unit and I hope to do my next early Cold War Shipwreck scenario soon.

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