Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Red Air

Over the weekend I painted some more aircraft for Megablitz. Being that my next scenario is in the east front I decided to buildup my Russian air force. I also decided to start mounting my aircraft with magnets. Here are the pictures of the new aircraft.

Here we have all the aircraft together, 3 light bombers and 3 fighters. Behind them you can see one of my new flight stands. Not as pretty as the Warhammer, but it works with the new magnets

For early war ground support, I've got a division's worth of SB light bombers. These were all made by Scotia. The first two are early models done in the bare metal which was common in the early days of the war. The second one has some improvised camouflage applied shortly after the invasion. The third one is a late model SB3 and is done in the official Soviet camouflage.

Now for the fighters. (The picture doesn't do them justice.) I was originally planning to paint 2 Russian I-15 fighters and my Finnish Buffalo. I then noticed that my two I-15 fighters looked different from each other even though they were both from H&R. At first I thought I got an old and a newer molding of the aircraft. However, after some research, I realized I instead had a mis-packaged Hs-123. So I now have a new German aircraft. Not that I mind, it's just that now I need to buy another Russian Biplane as the scenario calls for about 2 regiments.
Anyway those are the new planes. I'm not sure what I'm going to post next, though I do plan to play in Christain's Victory at Sea game on the 23rd.
Anyway those are the new aircraft

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