Sunday, August 3, 2014

Cruiser Modification and Other Things.

I recently got some new ships for my next game of Shipwreck and just finished painting them. There was a little modification involved with this group. I had ordered the Skytrex Galveston class cruiser. Unfortunately the Skytrex Galveston was the regular missile cruiser version, not the flag ship version I needed. So I had to modify it to make it look like the flag ship I need. I didn't take a picture of the model before I started cutting it up, but here's what it looked like before.

USS Galveston cruiser of which only one was modified.
 Here's what I needed.
USS Oklahoma City, 6th Fleet flagship.
 Now, behold the butchery!
I would later realize that I glued the 5" turret on its side.
 And now the final product, which doesn't look too bad.
I'll probably end up repainting the top of the command center.

Now for the rest of the ships.
Here we have the Belknap CG USS Sterett.

Two Gearing class destroyers. Built at the end of WWII and modified with helipads and ASROC launchers, the Gearings were a workhorse of the throughout the Cold War until they were replaced by the Spruance class in the Mid 70s. They went on to serve in many allied navies including: Greece, Turkey, Pakistan, Taiwan, and South Korea.

Finally I decided to expand my Vietnamese navy for some early cold war action with 3 P-6 PT Boats and a Komar PTM. The Komar is just an Osa I cut in half, which is pretty much what the real one is.
Anyway those are the new ships. I hope to use them in a Vietnam scenario soon.

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