Sunday, July 27, 2014

Finnish Megablitz Unit

I just finished painting my latest Megablitz unit last night. I've decided that the next game will be on the east front, so I decided to start with the Finnish 6th Infantry Division. Here's how it came out.

First up we have the 12th, 33rd , and 54th Infantry Regiments. I decided to use H&R WWI Germans for the infantry.

Next up we have the division support units. On the top row we have the 3rd Light Infantry Battalion, 14th Artillery Regiment, and 36th Engineer Battalion. On the bottom row we have COL Viikla the divsion commander, the 35th Signal company, and the 6th Supply Company.

Here's the unit all together, ready to take on the Soviets in the Northern front. I thinking of maybe adding an attached StuG III for anti-tank support later.

That's the new unit. I'm still waiting for my new ships to come in. If they don't arrive soon I'll start on something else for Megablitz.


  1. A very nice - and unusual - Megablitz formation. I look forward to seeing it take on the Soviets in due course.

    All the best,


    1. Thanks, I only have 3 more units to do and I should be have my east front scenario ready.