Monday, July 14, 2014

Latorial Warfare in the Fake Strait

   Yesterday me and Christain played a game of Shipwreck. I wanted to use my new LCSs so I made a cut down version of Harpoons Streetfighter scenario. Christian was playing the US forces helping the factious state of Greyback. While I was playing the guard gorillas who were supported by naval and air forces of Red Bamboo. The US had 2 LCS and also had 2 Greyback patrol boats. Their mission was to insure safe transit for merchant ships in the strait.
   I was controlling the Red Guard with 1 armed trawler, 4 armed motorboats, and 2 suicide boats with big bombs on them. Supporting the Red Guard were the naval forces of Red Bamboo with 2 Tarantul I missile boats, 2 Natya I minesweepers, and 1 Mi-24  Hind D. I also had four minefields set up in the strait and a few more on the minesweepers and trawlers I could maybe deploy later.
    The Red Guard had free pass to attack anything. Both the US and Red Bamboo had strict rules of engagement. The US could attack identified Red Guard freely, but could not attack Red Bamboo units unless they were seen attacking US or Merchant ships. Like wise the Red Bamboo units could attack civilian shipping (as long as no one saw them do it) but could only attack US units if attacked.

Here's a picture of the table, all the ships started hidden with the US player having 2 helicopters in the air. He couldn't deploy more until he detected enemy units. I borrowed Christain's Heroscape to make up the shore lines.

Turn 1: The LCS Fort Worth nearly hits a mine and is spotted by the Red Bamboo Mi-24. The US pilots had trouble telling the neutral ships from the red guard. They did identify 1 of the tarantuls.

Fort Worth steering clear of a mine as the Mi-24 flies past.

US MH-60 flying close to aTarantul I missile boat.

Turn 2: In turn 2 more ships entered the board. All the Red Guard boats started moving into the strait. I knew my little boats wouldn't stand a chance against the US ships so I was going to have them concentrate on the civilian ships that the Mi-24 spotted.

A MH-60 harassing the trawler L.J. Silver.
Turn 3: The US pilots finally identified one of my attack boats and sunk it with a hellfire missile.

One of my boats being destroyed by a hellfire fired from a MH-60.
 Turn 4: Not much happened

Turn 5: I had a huge stroke of luck as the LCS Independence struck a mine. The explosion crippled the ship which was ironically the US minesweeper. Unfortunately one of my bomb boats were discovered by a MH-60 and destroyed with a hellfire missile. Then an ecological disaster happened when the Exxon Hazelwood came under a "mysterious" missile attack and was heavily damage spieling oil into the strait.

Independence burns after striking a mine.

When the US accused Red Bamboo of firing SS-N-2 missiles that started the ecological disaster, the Central Committee stated that the US couldn't provide any prof that it was their missiles that hit the tanker. That and it all bunch of tree hugging hippie crap anyway.
 Turn 6: The US player spots two of my attack boats firing on the merchants. Both are heavily damaged; one by 57mm gunfire from Fort Worth and one by hellfire from an MH-60.

Turn 7: The Independence can't control the fires and sinks. In retaliation the US sinks one of my damaged attack boats with more 57mm fire. Fort Worth also launches the MQ-1B firescout which with the MH-60 spots one of my Natya I minesweeper and another neutral trawler. Finally the captain of the SS Gas Can reported that he was under attack by a sea borne VBIED, but it turned out that the boat driver was drunk.

Independence goes under as the SS Big Oil and Capt Dee watch.

US helicopters observing one of my Natya I minesweeper and Lucky Dragon #5.

Not a terrorist.
Turn 8: Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures for turn 8. My last bomb boat made an attempt on the container ship MSC Shanghai. Although the bomb went off without a hitch, it little damage to the large ship. I decided to call it then as I had to get some sleep before I went to work.
     I didn't do as much damage as I had hoped to. I wanted to inflect damage on some of the smaller merchants. Still I did manage to sink a US warship so that is something.

    Next week I'm hoping to try out Check Your Six: Jet Age.

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