Friday, July 25, 2014

Check Your Six: Jet Age

Last Sunday me, Christian, and Ziggy played a game of Check you're six. I've been curious about the rules so decided to try them out. The scenario was Vietnam with 4 F-4 Phantoms verses 3 MiG-21s. I ended up controlling two of the F-4s Basco 3 and 4. Here are the pictures of the game.

My planes the red based Basco 4 and the more experienced white based Basco 3.

The game table. The white felt pieces represented clouds. In the for ground you can see my planes. One the right side of the table you can see Christians planes Bosco 1 & 2. On the right side of the last cloud you can see two of the MiGs controlled by Ziggy. Unseen is another Veteran MiG that was hidden.

Ziggy's Pink Based MiG turns to Basco 1 & 2.

Suddenly the Veteran MiG-21 appears right behind me and takes a pot shot at Basco 4. Luckily I suffer little damage.

Basco 3 does a Split-S to engage the Veteran MiG.

One of Christian's F-4s was then hit with an AA-2 and destroyed.

Another missile was fired at Christians Green based plane, but it only damaged him. The Pink based MiG-21 then fled off board having shot all his missiles.

I fired a
I fired an AIM-7E at the Yellow based MiG-21 but I missed.

Basco 4 fires again this time at the Veteran MiG-21 but once again misses.

Basco 3 fires his last AIM-9 Sidewinder at the Veteran MiG only to miss once again. What really angered me was that every roll a missed, I missed by 1.

After we had used up most of our missiles, we decided to call it with Ziggy as the winner. I really enjoy the game and my try to some more later. On my end I've order some new ships for an up coming game of shipwreck. This time it will be an historical scenario. I'm also almost painting my next Megablitz unit. I should have pictures of it up next.

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