Thursday, December 4, 2014

Towns, Villages, and Dumps

I'm continuing to build up for my next Megablitz game. One of the things that was sourly missing from the first game were some good built up areas. So I recently ordered some buildings from Picoarmor. These buildings are 1/900 scale or 2mm.

First up we have the towns. These are 2km by 2km in Megablitz scale and I can combined them to make larger cities, as seen here.

Next up we have the villages. These are 1.5km by 1.5km and act as small villages unless combined with other building stands.

Unlike regular Megablitz BUA, these villages would by themselves would not require a LOG point to attack. They could however give a single stand a defense bonus.

Finally I needed some supply dumps for game I'm working on so I made way more than I needed.

Just some various size boxes on stands.
That's what I've finished so far. My new infantry came in. Being after my birthday I decided to splurge and get some GHQ Russians. This will allow me to finish the last Russian units I need. I also got Pico's RAF airfield set so I'll be making some airfields too.