Thursday, November 27, 2014

Yet Another New Megablitz Unit

First I'd like to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Now I'm still concentrating on Megablitz, as I have a new unit ready. This new unit is the Corps troops for the German XXXVI Corps. The XXXVI Corps was a higher level command that would eventually become the XXXVI Mountain Corps. I plan to use this unit mainly as an regular army corps. Here are the pictures.

First up we have the Corps Commander and the 436th Corps Signal Battalion.
The vehicles are GHQ while the figures are H&R.

Next we have the Corps considerable engineering assets. This includes the 169th Bridge Battalion and the 43rd Construction Regiment with 406th and 409th Construction Battalions. On the far right is the 211th Panzer Battalion mainly equipped with former French S-35 tanks.

The construction engineers weren't well equipped being used mainly for road repair, fortification, and construction. This Corps, like much of the German Army, is mostly horse drawn.
 Now we have the Corps Artillery and Service Support. On the right is ARKO 150 equipped with French 105mm Guns. In the center is the 467th LW Flak Battalion. And on the far right is the 436th Corps supply unit. This unit was mostly supply columns drawn from two infantry divisions.
I found a new color for my Luftwaffe personnel, it takes to the camera allot better than what I used on my motorized corps.
 Finally we have the whole unit together in a photo box. I've since moved to a large photo box that it shares with my Motorized Corps. The box seen here is now the home of my German 169th Infantry Division.
 Now here is a sneak Peek of what I'm working on now. Continuing with my preparations for a Megablitz game. I've made a number of supply dumps.

I've also order some 2mm Buildings from PicoArmor. Now I'll have some decent built up areas.

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