Thursday, November 13, 2014

Another new Megablitz unit

As I wait for some back orders from Last Square, if they don't show up soon I might have to order from somewhere else, I been painting some other Megablitz units. My new unit is the Hungarian 2nd Armored Division. Although this unit has nothing to do with the upcoming game, I've had the miniatures sitting around for years and last week I decided to finally paint them. Here are the pictures of the new unit.

First up is the combat units including the 3rd Tank Regiment, 3rd Motorized Regiment, and the 2nd Recon Battalion. The 3rd Tank Regiment has a PzKw IVH (T-4) by C&C and a Turan II by H&R. The 2nd Recon battalion has a Csaba armored car, motorcycle, and Toldi tank all by H&R. The 2nd Armor was a late war unit and much of the equipment was left in the factory paint while others was painted in standard Hungarian camouflage.

Next up we have the combat support. This includes the Division HQ, Engineer companies, Division artillery, Division Trains, and the 52nd AA Battalion. Most of the miniatures shown are H&R.

Now we have the full division head on.

Finally we have the whole division in it's new photo box.
Anyway that is the new unit. There's a little room to expand and I'm thinking of adding a third tank battalion. Also the 2nd Armor was one of the few none German units to have a company of Tiger tanks. Hmm something to think about. I've already started to gather stuff for my next Megablitz unit and should start working on it this weekend. Anyway until next.

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  1. An interesting and slightly unusual unit. I hope to see it in battle on a tabletop in the near future.

    All the best,