Thursday, November 6, 2014

New Megablitz Unit

I done some painting in the past few weeks and have a number of new units finished. For the first unit, I needed an SS unit for the up coming scenario. The unit that was actually used during the battle was used for that battle ONLY, so make a unit that had seen far more action during the war, so I could use it for more than one game. Thus I made the unit the Reich SS division. Here are the photos.

First up is the three infantry regiments, the 11th whose trucks have improvised camouflage, the Deutschland regiment, and Der Fuhrer regiment. Der Fuhrer has an extra heavy weapons battalion in the form of a StuG IIIB. This is so I can use the regiment for France or the Balkans.

Next up is the division's combat support, which it had allot of. In the back is the AA battalion, and artillery regiment. In the front from left to right is the engineer battalion, AT battalion, Panzer battalion, and the recon battalion.

Finally we have the combat service support which includes the supply detachment, workshop companies, and medical battalion. Not pictured is the headquarters and signal battalion.

And now we have the entire division in it's own photo box.

A close up of the Infantry battalions. I use my own dry brush technique to make the figures look like they're wearing camouflage.

Anyway that's one of the new units I've painted. I'll have photo's of the other unit in the next post. I hope to get at least one more game in before the end of the year, we'll see. I'm also going to start working on more HOTT units and start rebasing my modern micro armor.

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  1. Very cool... looking forward to pushing them around the table!