Saturday, January 17, 2015

In Soviet Russia the miniatures play with YOU!

The day I made my last post Both my Last Square and Rebel Minis orders came in. I finally got the last bits I needed for my next Megablitz game. The last pieces I needed for the game was some NKVD troops. So now I got Russian units to shot my Russian units.

First Up, in the green hats, is the 72nd NKVD border regiment.
I used H&R early WWI British infantry for the troops and GHQ heavy weapons.
 Next Up, in the blue hats, is the 36th NKVD regiment. These are interior troops used for rear area security.

I also, expanded my Red Air Force a bit with another I-15 regiment and a regiment of Lagg-3 fighters.
The Lagg-3 is C&C, while the I-15 is H&R

Lastly I expanded the tank divisions in the 1st Mechanized Corps. While I was doing so I found out that the tanks in the 1st tank division were actually camouflage, so I went and painted them as such.

That's what I did last week. I hope to get to do the game soon. In other news the Rebel Minis order contained my new HOTT army, which I've gotten based and hope to start painting this week. I also want to start basing my modern microarmor.

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