Friday, April 24, 2015

Beaufort Air Show (Part 2)

  I actually wanted to post this earlier, but got distracted by several things. Anyway in addition to all the military aircraft at the show, they also had some marine ground equipment. Such as this new version of the jeep.

They also had some marine artillery, including a 120mm mortar and one the new M777 155mm howitzers.

The marines also had a number of small arms on hand.

The marine vehicles on site included this LAV-25, an MRAP, and AAVP7.

One vehicle I found particularly interesting was this HMMWV mounted mobile control tower.

Finally there lots of vintage and civilian aircraft. Including these UH-1 and AH-1 helicopters

While I missed the Blue Angles, I did catch this civilian team.

An Air Force O-2A spotter plane from Vietnam.

A restored Beechcraft C-45 transport.

An OV-10 Bronco converted for civilian use.

Two of the vintage aircraft that I saw flying were this restored F-4U Corsair...

 ...and this restored B-25 Mitchell bomber.

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