Monday, April 6, 2015

Megablitz: Operation Arctic Fox (Part 2)

The Battle for the North continues. This was the situation at the beginning of day 2. The Finnish 6th and my 196th Infantry division was forward. The XXXVI Corps troops that I controlled had now completely entered the table. The SS Nord was still back at Salla using the night turn to consolidated. I still had the 104th Rifle Division and 1st Tank Division to deal with.

As I moved my forces I tried to keep the roads as clear as possible so the SS could advance up.

My Reserve Infantry Regiment is about to cross the river, will the SS Deutschland regiment is beginning to push up.
As the Finnish 6th moved to attack the 104th RD it came under murderous bombardment from the Soviet SB-2 bombers.
My one consolation for this was that my fighter took out his LaGG-3, leaving my opponent with only the obsolete I-15s.
As the attack progressed the Luftwaffe provided support, but the Finns still suffered sever casualties.

Finally the Finns were able to overrun the infantry regiment on the hill.

Meanwhile in the North the SS Deutschland Regiment support by my 211th Panzer battalion ran in to the remaining regiments of the 104th outside the tiny village of Kayralla.

As the battle raged both the Luftwaffe and Red Air Force sent aircraft to support their forces.Our forces were however destroy the 104th RD.

Then in the North major breakthrough. The 6th along with elements of SS Nord catch the Russian artillery park. This attack resulted in the loss of almost all the 42nd Rifle Corps artillery.

Then the Finns attack the armor to the South, which consisted of the 1st Tank Divisions OT-26 flame tanks as well as the Rifle Corps separate tank battalions equipped with the new T-34 tanks.

Unfortunately the crews inexperienced on the new tanks which reduced their effectiveness. 
 The battle is bloody resulting in the loss of a Finnish infantry battalion. The Soviets lose all their new tanks.

In the far North my infantry cross the river and are meet by forces of the 1st tank division. They destroy the motorized regiment . I then brought my reserve regiment forward and overran the last of the Russians medium armor.

Just to South in Kayralla my panzer battalion forded the river to secure a bridgehead as SS Nord waited for the engineers to arrive and build a bridge.

Finally as night fell my medium bombers came into play and  manage to destroy the engineers that were trying to blow up the last bridge to Allaratti.

At the end of the day we were still making good progress. We were halfway across the map and 104th RD was destroyed. Now, all that was left was what remained of the 1st Tank Division. We couldn't rest just yet however. The engineers were dead, but bridge was still wired to blow. I post the last day's event in the next post soon.

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