Wednesday, February 14, 2018

More Russians

I continue to make progress on my invasion game. Here is the latest effort, the 878th naval infantry battalion. This the second battalion in my naval infantry brigade. I've also started working on some of the brigade support units. Here's all the stuff together.

Here we have the main fighting part of the battalion, it's three infantry companies. Three of the infantry platoons are backwards showing the white unit color on the back of the stand.

The BTR-70s are GHQ, while the infantry is H&R.

Next up we have the battalion support units. This includes the Anti-tank platoon, anti-aircraft platoon, and the mortar platoon. For the mortar platoon I've given the option for the unit to have either a regular 120mm mortar or a 2S9 Self-propelled mortar.

Once again, the infantry weapons are H&R and the BTRs GHQ. The Gaz-66 truck is Scotia and the 2S9 is C&C.
Finally we have some of the brigade units, including the brigade HQ, recon company, and anti-aircraft battery.

The BRDM-2s are either GHQ or Scotia. The PT-76 is C&C. The ZSU-23 is GHQ, while the SA-9 I believe is Scotia. Brigade HQ BTR-60PU is H&R (The photo doesn't do it justice).

Next I'm going to do more of the terrain I'll need for the game. I still have two more battalions to do, as well as some aircraft. Hopefully I can make it in time for Gnomecon, if not I'm definitely playing the game later.

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