Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Ships are done!

I just finished all the ship need for my GnomeCon invasion game. Now I just need to finish the ground units and I'm good. Here's all the new ships together.

Below we have the new Soviet combat ships including a new Krivak I FF and 2 Kashin DDG. The Kashin DDGs are something my Soviet navy has be badly needing.

Next we have some of the soviet landing ships as well as an auxiliary. 

For NATO have have the remaining Danish ships, a FF, two missile boats, and a German made submarine. I also have the Germans sub in the picture.

Finally we have the new aircraft. For the Soviets a group of Su-24 Fencers. I also did a group of F-4s these in German camouflage, not my best work.

Now I just need to finish the ground units. I already have a group primed and ready to paint. I am a little concerned about GnomeCon itself as they have yet to list my games on their website or any other games for that matter.

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  1. Nice stuff James. My Rubber and Lead game isn't listed either, and Heidi was a big fan of it last year. They aren't the most well-organized bunch.