Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Ships for Shipwreck!

   Last week I was able to get some more ships painted. I'm planning to use these ships for an early coldwar scenario, so most of them date back to the fifties and sixties. First up is some more ships for my Dutch navy. Two Friesland class destroyers and the light carrier Karel Doorman.

Bofor I found this scenario, I didn't even know the Dutch had an aircraft carrier!
    The Karel Doormans air group consisted of S-2 Trackers and Seabat Helicopters. For the Seabats I'll be using Wessex helicopters as a substitute. I only have three S-2s so I also painted some S-3 vikings to stand in.
    Finally I also painted some more early Soviets. This time a pair of Kotlin class destroyers. Both the Friesland and Kotlins are old school destroyers mostly equipped with just guns and depth charges. The only thing modern about them is the guided torpedoes and the Friesland don't even have that!

    I hope to use these sometime soon.

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