Thursday, February 28, 2013

Yet more ship's for shipwreck

This week I got to finish more ships for the early cold war scenario, I've been planning to do. The first were some Navwar Foxtrot class submarines and Aircraft by CAP Airo.
The Navwar Foxtrots had to modified as the bump on the front nose was far too large. The sub at the bottom is an unmodified one while the subs above were modified.

The two subs for the Soviets B-15 and B-6.

Two of the other subs were painted for different countries. On the left is one for a future Cuban force. On the right is the Lybian sub Al Badr. I accidentally dropped the fifth foxtrot and it is now considered lost at floor.

    To back the Soviets up I've painted up some long range aircraft.

A group of Tu-16 Badgers and one very large Tu-95 bear.

    For NATO, I have more ships for the Dutch navy. All of these were by Navwar.

Two Holland class destroyers. These are very similar to the Friesland class destroyers I painted last time.

The cruiser De Zeven Provincien and the repainted Karel Doorman. De Zeven Provincien is an interesting mix of new and old. It still has big guns, but also has Terrier missiles. I found a color plate of the Karel Doorman's deck and decided to repaint it. It now looks much more interesting.

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