Friday, February 1, 2013

New Ships!

In addition to playing Ship Wreck Last Week I also managed to get some painting done. These ships were actually done before the game, but I wanted to get the ARR for the game up first. Anyway here are all the ships together.

For the Russians I got a mix of old and new. I pair of Navwar Krumpy class destroyers, some of the first missile armed ships the Russians built. I hope to us them in some early cold war games. With them a group of Cap Airo  Modern Su-25s.

Next for the French a pair of modern La Fayette class frigates, also by Nav War.

Now for the US I got a Belknap class cruiser and three Pegasus class PHM. It's a petty that the small missile  boat never caught with the Navy. The cruiser is Nav War, while the PHMs are Skytrix.

Finally I have three new bulk carriers for my merchant fleet all from skytrix.

Hopefully I'll be able to us them soon.

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