Sunday, October 6, 2013

Update and the Imperial War Museum

Hello all, not much has been happening this week. I finished the Baku scenario and I'm starting to collect up the ships needed for it. I've also started getting stuff together for my next Megablitz unit. Since I don't have any new pictures this week; I've decided to share some of my past adventures. Back in 2005 when I was deployed to Iraq, I spent my 2 week leave in England. One of the places I visited was the Imperial War Museum in London. Here are some of the photos I took.

The entrance guarded by a pair of 14" battleship guns. Over to the left you can make out a section of the Berlin wall.

What a horrible thing to do to a tank!

A Matilda II tank.

A miniature submarine. It's missing the torpedoes.

Part of a very large trench warfare model.

...which was followed by a trench you could walk through.

A model of the Berlin wall.

Finally a LRDP Chevy that had recently been found buried in the desert.

Hopefully next week I'll have some painted models to show you.

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