Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ships and planes.

Well I finished the ships. Unfortunately no one took me up on my challenge, oh well. Here are the answers.

Number 1 a Russian Krivak I class frigate. Number 2 a British Type 22/2 frigate. Both were made by Navwar.

Number 3 was a Norwegian Oslo class frigate. Number 4 was a Charles F. Adams DDG. Number 5 is a French D'Orves frigate.

Now for the harder ships. Number 5 in the back was a Russian Berezina AOR. Number 6 was a Spanish Baleares FFG. Number 7 was a Dutch Kortenaer frigate.

Finally the hardest, the aircraft. 1A was a Wasp helicopter. 2A was a Lynx helicopter. 3A was a Buccaneer bomber and 4A was a Gazelle helicopter. I wouldn't blame someone for not guessing the helicopters they're practically blobs.

Here is all the ships together.

I now have everything done for the Baku scenario. I've also finished the computer work for the Russian verses Japanese scenario. Finally here's a preview of my next Megablitz unit.

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